Thanksgiving 2020

Nov 24th 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 Sentiment
From my Heart & Home, To Yours! 

Although it seems like the holidays start earlier and earlier with each year, this season seems to be off to an exceptionally hasty start. Gone are the days when we waited until the day after Thanksgiving to hang our wreaths, burn Frankincense, and wear our best red plaid — why such a head-start this year? Simply put-people need the joy and the warmth and there is something so unifying about the idea that you’re not alone in your search for comfort this season. At the same time, I find myself in a sort of grief and angst as I think about the upcoming holidays. What is Thanksgiving going to look like this year? I revel in my opportunity to host a Turkey gathering. A time when my sister(s), brother in law(s), nieces, nephew, best friends, daughters, daughters’ best friends, husband, dogs, and usually a few unexpected add-ons are all in one space, each trying to get a word in. Peter is over by 10 am preparing the turkey, the girls attempt to run or spin off their hangover from the night before, and I am laying out the essentials—decorative pine cones, woodsy scented candles, gold napkins and oh so many flowers. This year will be a different type of Thanksgiving as our usually massive group will now remain under 10. Maggie, my oldest and a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, works until 7pm and we will be without sweet Cooper, our wonderful Boxer who we lost to cancer about a month ago. Even though this year we are unable to hug and hold the people we are most thankful for in the world,  I have a choice — I can dwell on the sad parts about Thanksgiving in the era of COVID-19 — or I can continue to find the sparkle.

So find the sparkle I shall and what a better way to start than picking out my outfit for Turkey Thursday!

- Sara 

Our table scape in 2019

Me and Peter, 2015